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Order forms


Order forms (as known as purchase forms) are pre-defined lists of products and corresponding quantity. Order forms can help customers and their staff place orders quickly and precisely.

Select the button “Forms” to view your order form(s).

Saved order forms are listed and ready to view details or download in CSV file format.

Order formed can be shared with and among subaccounts. Please refer to subaccount’s permissions.

Hit “View” to display the details of an order form. The content of an order form comprises list of products and their quantity.

Adding items to basket

In an order form detail. When you select “Add all item to basket”, all these products and corresponmding quantity will be added to your current basket.

To made order exactly the items in a order form, you may need to clear the basket before select “Add all item to basket”.

Creating order form

An order form can be created by one of two ways: composing a new order form or saving basket as a new order form.

Composing order form

On the Forms page, select “Create form”, then start composing product list.

Hit “Save as order form” and name to save.

Saving basket as order form

On the Basket page (just before checkout), hit the button “Save as order form” to save all current items in your basket as a new order form.

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